Association urges jlivestrong wristbands where to buyournalists to move closer to grassroots

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Reporters nationwide should adopt a more pragmatic work style and move closer to the grassroots to create credible, engaging reports, according to a proposal released on Wednesday by the All-China Journalists Association.

People should be put at the center of journalists" work to draw attention to the Chinese people"s efforts and achievements, the association said.

Journalists should draw materials and inspiration from real life, and written articles should be short, truthful and timely and use language that is understandable to the public, it said.

The proposal also asked journalists to adapt to all forms of media and tailor their output according to the needs of the audience.

The proposal came after the central leadership urged journalists in August to enhance their professional skills, strive for innovation and be diligent and dedicated.

The proposal stressed that journalists should stay abreast of the latest positions of leaders, including political stances and principles, and work to promote major policies and decisions.

The proposal said journalism should aim to better reflect Chinese society, the Communist Party of China and the state of the country and the world.

It is also hoped their output will help foreigners interpret China more accurately and make the country"s voice heard on the world stage to create favorable conditions for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

According to a report released by the association in June, China had 231,564 journalists with valid press cards at the end of 2017, with 84,761 working for newspapers and 136,224 for television or film studios.

Male journalists slightly outnumbered females, accounting for 51.6 percent. More than 70 percent are between 30 and 50 years old.

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